Busy With The Move

2014-07-05 02:45:16 by FuzzzyDice

As Of Recently, Me And My Family Are Moving To A Nicer Apartment And We Have Been Preparing And It Has Been A Bit Hectic Around My House As Of Lately.


Good News: Bigger Room, Better Recording Space, And No Spider Nest Or Slugs In My Bathrooms :)


Bad News: It's Gonna Be Busy For The Next Few Weeks And I Might Not Produce As Many Songs, (Or Much Else...)


But I'm Not Going To Stop Trying Tho!


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2014-07-09 08:31:38

You capitalize the first letter of every word, why?

It's appropriate for the title, but it becomes a visual annoyance when it is continued into the body of the post. It seems to imply value beyond what the body actually possesses. Value in a more objective, linguistic sense at least. A title has more value than a subtitle has more value than the body.

Does it make you feel important or something? If yes, know that it doesn't.

Do you just do it to set yourself apart from others? If yes, know that it will upset far more people than it will impress. If you truly want to be seen as unique then the differences you should be aiming to accentuate must be in the field of MEANING, not APPEARANCE.

Altering The Way You Type Away From The Norm Is Just Annoying. It Doesn't Actually Make You Any Different From Anyone Else.

But if you communicate unique ideas you demonstrate an originality that far surpasses any kind of superficial bullshit.

Additionally, your advantage in being unique is lost if another chooses to duplicate what you do. This is what gives meaning more importance than appearance. Appearance is easy to alter, one can take the form of just about anything and anyone, especially over the internet, but it is exceedingly difficult for one to alter their substance. To change the things which truly constitute a person is to change that person.

Let your true being speak for who you are, not needless, annoying, superficial embellishments.

FuzzzyDice responds:

Must I Change The First Letter Of Every Word For You?

I'm Not Going To Argue With Anyone About How I Capitalize Every word, For This Would Be A Rather Disappointing And Boring Argument.

Come Back To Me With A Better Argument.

And For Those Who Feel Like Arguing About The Same Exact Reason, Make You're Complaints In This Thread Now, Not One Fuck Will Be Givin. "Happy Posting,"

And I Might Get Back To You On You're Comment. "Might" (Probably Not)

And A "254" Word Blog Reply About How Annoyed You Are With My Capitalization Fun?
Don't You Have Anything Better To Do?

But Yes,That Is All.
Have A Nice Day, And You're Still Hawt 1916.