What Kind Of Music Do You Guys Wanna Hear More Of From Me?

2014-05-17 20:12:05 by FuzzzyDice

Just Wanna Know Before I Start Anymore Projects... 


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2014-05-17 20:51:40


i dunno man, do what you love


2014-05-17 22:01:52

Your name makes me want to dance


2014-05-17 22:10:43

I would suggest making a track that steps out of yourself and tells a story of a stranger.
When Don Henely, lead singer of the Eagles performs "Life in the fast lane" he is able to transform into a L.A couple chasing the high life.
Most significant is when he sings the part of a terminally pretty girl because it is the complete opposite of him. The listener delves inside her soul with Henely. We feel a desperation to distract ourselves from reality buy never stopping and acknowledging it.
His voice raises soft and sexy "Faster, faster" we are excited like a little girl, then we hear the doubt and fear in Henelys voice "the light is turning red".

Also who can resist not feeling excited upon the first opening hook!

Good Luck

FuzzzyDice responds:

A Little Deeper Than Expected, But Thanx For The Feedback! I'll Deffinitly Take You're Response Into Consideration....

I Deffinitly Wouldn't Mind Making A "Show Stopper" Experience. :3