Gonna Spend Some Time Studying Everything.

2014-04-09 00:36:30 by FuzzzyDice

Not Only Do I Need To Study In School, I Plan On Finally Watching Some Youtube Tutorials For FL Studio So I Can Learn Some More Sturf.


While We're On That Topic, I Wouldn't Mind Taking Any Request For A Song While I'm Trying Out Some New Things.


If You Need A Song, But Have Some Time To Wait For Something That (Might) Be Good. Feel Free To PM Me Here Or Reach Me Through Email! (I Always Check My Email, All Day, Every Day)




Stay Awesome EVVeraybodaAy :3



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2014-04-09 01:17:41

Always Good To Go Out And Study! Strive To Learn Something New Everyday, There Is No Knowledge That Is Not Of Use. The More You Learn, The More You Experience, Study Away!

Stay Awesome, Fuzz.

FuzzzyDice responds:

No You Stay Awesome. d;