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2013-11-23 02:52:29 by FuzzzyDice

Lemme Lay Down A Few Rules And Sizz Bizz

1. Feel Free To Use My Music In Whatevs, Just Give Me A Holla And Some Info Of Wherez I Can See The Stuffs That Yalls Be Doins. And Make Sure To Site Me, I Don't Mean To Be Intrusive, But The Better I Get The Name Out There, The More People Can Join In On The Fun :D

2. Do Not Redistribute My Music Without Contacting Me About Said Redistribution And Retrieving A Agreement.

3. Don't Spam The Comments Section In These Post, They Are Meant For Questions And Responses That Do Not Inhibit Others To Unnecessary Spam. ( In Short, Don't Be Annoying )

Oh And CHeq Out Tem



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Or Don't... I'll Just Go Work At Burger King Or Something

-Wink- -Wink-

Back To Something And Something, And yadayadayada


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