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But I can still take request, It may take longer than usual is all. Been a lot of life shtuff going on.

Gud shtuff tho, but I'll keep that motch to le imagination.


On the horizon I'm still experimenting with some tracks and suchz, but none of the sample tracks that

I'm workin on atm are real concrete in design. So I'm gonna leave dem in de woodworks for now.


This post basically is me telling all of my followers that I'm too busy playing MGSV or GTA and I have no life.

Trash as always :D

yeah not yet

2016-08-20 00:11:13 by FuzzzyDice

Have some more stuffs to take care of but Believe me when I say I haven't givin up on making some more tunes.


An update of me status m8s

2016-07-16 23:01:21 by FuzzzyDice

As of now, I can see myself getting back to producing a few songs here and their in about a month from now. But I may end up buying too much green tea and it could possibly lead to 2 months. But this is all speculation at the moment. 


Aside from that, I can still answer questions and talk to any of you that may want to take my hand in marriage.

*wink wink tips fedora

Sorta back but not really.

2016-07-02 18:11:16 by FuzzzyDice

I am back in that I'm not producing content fashion.

So if anyone has any cool stuffs to share, I am heeere

a farewell for now!

2016-04-30 06:51:14 by FuzzzyDice

At this present time, I am making a note as of today, I will not be posting content for a long period. This being and meaning that I have no estimate as to when I will be able to post again. No I'm not leaving Newgrounds and no I'm not in financial trouble. (I think?)


Again as of right now I am going incognito.

And questions and concerns can be sent to this email:



And yes I will be watching this email and will "Try" to get back to whomever may send me an email.

omagush I love these ;3

2016-04-26 16:17:13 by FuzzzyDice

420 360 noscopd

Any new and exciting news???

2016-04-13 02:38:43 by FuzzzyDice

No I don't really have any but If anyone has any they are willing to share. Feel free!

Forgot to mention!

2016-04-02 13:07:33 by FuzzzyDice

I went on vacation ;3


I'm back now tho so hi!

Maybe it's the changing season lal. But uhhhhhh still doing that this is more of an update of mah hwarehabowttits

um pm me if any of you hawt mofoz want me.